Social Media Certification Course in India

Duration 1 Month
Credit 5 Days a Week

Social Media Certification

Learn Social Media from Industry Experts

The brands are going online in India. They are marketing their products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are pushing their products on Quora and putting up presentations on SlideShare. Even the CEOs are on LinkedIn and having a dialogue. Everywhere you go online, there is a potential customer and social media marketing is all about recognizing one, turning it into a prospect and then driving the purchase intent.

Usually, students think that social media marketing is limited to the ‘likes and shares’ but it is beyond that. It starts from the thought-provoking content that drives the visitors to home, from an image that tells the story and the effort to turn the likes into leads. Besides, one is expected to respond to the queries and handle the negative response too.

At CIDM, the students get to be a part of comprehensive training revolving around the aspects of social media.  While the field of social media is ever-evolving and expansive, our faculty ensures a hands-on experience of each facet with a stream of case studies.

social Media marketing

This all-encompassing course involves writing, Search Engine Optimization, SEM and a thorough understanding of marketing fundamentals along with a specialization in marketing analytics. Each phase brings a new set of assignment and research project along with a focus on core concepts of the subject. You also get hands-on experience in marketing data identification and decision making.

Best Social Media Training in India

The students go through an array of several case studies, campaigns and projects to understand the basic principles of social media marketing, which are driving website traffic, generating brand awareness, creating brand visibility, brand recall and most importantly, giving a brand an online foundation.


While creating Facebook advertising is not rocket science, creating a Facebook advertising strategy might very well fall in the same category. The popularity of Facebook ads can be guessed by the fact that over 3 million advertisers are using Facebook stories to promote their brands. The Facebook ads are mostly Do-it-Yourself and can be created using easy self-help tools, a Facebook advertising executive knows how to push the buttons. He/she would know the audience, the critical timing to send forth the ads and most importantly, the purpose of the ads- does the brand want to increase download for the app? Does the brand need to gauge the interest of the customers and want them to drop their contact? Or is it brand awareness?

Why CIDM in India?

At CIDM, the instructors teach you to craft a strategy and design a winning campaign to gain maximum traction out of them. The faculty members navigate you through different kind of Facebook ads, to generate leads and measure the conversion. You will learn how to use a platform that is used by people of all age groups and from all walks of life – for a brand’s reach.  The students are given practical and theoretical training of the subject along with access to some noteworthy works in the domain. The students also get a chance to interact with eminent leaders and personalities to gain insights and real-world knowledge.