Google Ads Certification

Duration 5 Days
Credit 10 Hours

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Google Ads Certificate in India

Google Ads certification is accreditation by Google to identify experts from marketers. If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, it is important training for you that you can’t do without! At CIDM, you get methodical practice, learning and guidance to take this test and clear with flying colors!  The test is a six-step process and takes place online. When you clear these two certification exams, Google recognizes the candidate as an expert in online advertising. It is an important certification and gives the students/candidate the much-needed credibility in the industry and job market.

After the completion of the tests, the students are awarded a personalized certificate. If you are already working with a company and taking the test as advanced training on the company’s behalf, it becomes a Google Partner credential.

Google Ads Certification

Why training for Google Ads Certification is important?

While Google Ads Certification isn’t a standalone or an exclusive badge for digital marketing professionals, it does add certain credibility and skill set to a candidate’s professional repertoire. Also, it is also an industry-recognized and acclaimed way to prove a candidate’s worth as well as knowledge of the domain, especially, in online advertising – to an extent that companies expect the entry-level candidates to have it as a minimum requirement. So, if a student or an aspiring candidate in the field of digital marketing wants to have a promising start, a strong foothold and better prospects, it becomes all the more important to take Google Ads Certificate with proper training and preparation.

The Google Ads Certification Program is divided into the following six exam patterns:

1) Fundamentals Certification –This part covers basic yet fundamental concepts of online advertising. There is also a section on the benefits of online advertising.

2) Search Advertising Certification –Basically, the SEO part of Google Ads Certification. It encompasses basic and intermediate concepts of search engines, how they work and ethical practices of optimizing content as well as search ad campaigns for the search network.

3) Display Advertising Certification –The third phase of Google Ad Certification includes a detailed study of display campaigns across the devices. Students learn basic and intermediate concepts regarding creating, managing, measuring and optimising display campaigns on mobile and web interface. The advanced concepts of ad formats are also evaluated in this set.

4) YouTube Advertising Certification – Google Ads Video Certification provides industry-level knowledge and information on best practices related to creating, managing, measuring and optimising YouTube videos. This helps YouTubers across the world to generate revenues and maximise their reach. This certification helps the students to develop valuable insights into creating channels as well as monetise them.

5) Mobile Advertising Certification – Google Ads Mobile Certification offers knowledge of basic, intermediate and advanced-level concepts of mobile advertising. The aspiring students develop an understanding of ad formats, bidding and targeting, campaign measurement and optimization.

6) Shopping Advertising Certification –If you are a budding entrepreneur or wish to work with an upcoming startup, this phase is an important one for you! This phase involves an elaborate study of basic and intermediate concepts such as creating an account for Merchant Center and product data feed, creating, measuring and managing shopping campaigns.

Why should you choose CIDM for Google Ads Certification Training?

CIDM offers hands-on training and practical learning to create effective and successful campaigns for search, advertising and mobile. The aspirants are provided ample classroom training encompassing both practical and theoretical aspect of the coursework. With several mock tests and assignments, students are prepared for the exams of Google advertising online.

Who all can apply?

Students, professionals, freelancers, budding entrepreneur- all you need is basic computer knowledge and a keen interest in digital marketing! No prior experience and experience is needed!

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