Content Writing Services

Duration Weekend
Credit 20 Hours

CONTENT Writing & Marketing Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali

“Content is king.”

Content is indispensable to an online marketing model but do the companies have the resources and vision to drive content in the right direction? We empower your inbound marketing strategy with the right content framework. In this course, you learn that not everybody can write and how drafting content isn’t just a matter of minutes. It needs meticulous planning, expert understanding of the market and creative flair. This content marketing certification course will help you to transform your writing capabilities into a content marketing system that works both for humans and search engines.

Content Building Should Be the First Step

Give your writing career a boost of a holistic content marketing course and create content on a regular basis ranging from storytelling, repurposing, content creation, copywriting, storyboarding and social media writing.

Contrary to popular belief, a writer’s job isn’t limited to writing.  The content brings a brand those first-page rankings on search results, invites footfall and attracts eyeballs. This is why our content marketing course pushes a holistic and unique approach to content. When you enrolin our writing courses, you learn to integrate growth with writing. You learn to promote content in different manners and on several platforms to gain maximum traction. Besides, you also get insights into creating a long-term content strategy and analyzing the content to figure out what works and how you can improve upon further.

Writing is Awesome

Find a writer in you and know how to weave magic through his words. Be the wordsmith who knows how to write copies that sell. Ask us how! Call us here or e-mail us to know how we can help you to write better and more effectively.

This course is meant for writing professionals, graphic designers, aspiring writers and people who want to give a professional edge to their hobby.