Sell and promote your product on Amazon with Amazon Training Course

Entrepreneurship is definitely a challenging task but it can be done in a lot smarter way than you think! If you want to expand the horizon of your career or want to turn the ‘off’ line business to an ‘on’ mode, you are at the right place!

Hack the entrepreneur in you with Marketplace Training course at Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing. Learn the tricks of the trade from the real-life leaders and subject matter expert. Encompassing the overall aspects of running a startup and e-commerce business, this course covers and touches all significant bases such as

  • Choosing the right product and sell it
  • Taking professional-level pictures of products and presenting products in a professional manner
  • Writing SEO content
  • Effective communications with vendors and customers
  • Online promotions and Facebook ads for your products and brand
  • Identifying a trustworthy supplier
  • Creating passive income from Amazon marketplace

This course helps students and professionals to learn end-to-end process regarding registration and selling with marketplaces. Our experts also guide you through the tricky parts of selling on a marketplace such as getting on the first page of search results within the website and dispatching the products to Amazon fulfilment centre in a desired and pristine manner.

In the advanced version of the course, you can also learn basic communication with Chinese vendors and sourcing wholesale as well as highly profitable products from Alibaba.

Who can apply?

Anybody, who has an idea and passion, can become an entrepreneur! If you have a product to sell but have no to little knowledge about reaching out to your customers, you can enrol with us! Whether you are a homemaker with a dream of betterment or an offline business wanting to level up with the new-age digital trend, this course is for you!

With us, you can learn to sell your products on Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplace and increase your sales as well as reach exponentially.

Our subject matter experts educate you via one-on-one sessions, videos, e-books and classroom training. Students are provided with projects and home assignments to put the learning into action. If you want to sell online and use marketplaces like Amazon to promote your brand, enrol for this course at CIDM now! Learn new techniques, embrace the process and grow your business!

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